The Complaints that Hope 4 Home hears

At Hope 4 Home, complaints are part of every day. Particularly since the sub-prime loan crisis hit, it has been extremely common for people to come in for a Hope 4 Home review of their mortgage to bring with them dozens of very valid complaints about the conduct of the mortgage company or bank.

I can’t find anyone to talk to.”

This is a very common Hope 4 Home complaint. The banks and mortgage companies have very often hidden the person that is in charge of loan modifications. They may not intentionally hiding the person, it might simply be that they really don’t know who is in charge of your mortgage.

When Hope 4 Home reviews you mortgage, they will look to find that person and make it easier to get the loan modification that you are looking for.

No one seems to know who holds the paper on my mortgage.”

During the height of the sub-prime housing boom, mortgages were bought and sold so rapidly that very often the people who were selling the loans had no idea where they went after a few days. Now years, one of the common Hope 4 Home complaints is that no one has any idea where the loan is now.

The Hope 4 Home review of your mortgage will slowly unravel the nearly endless knot of sale after sale. In the end they will figure who is in possession of your papers and work with them to get your loan modification.

My original lender is gone and my account is being controlled by some company on the other side of the country.”

Many, many lenders have gone out of business in the last 5 years. Most of them were swallowed by their own bad lending practices.

During your Hope 4 Home review, they will look to see who possesses the note on the house now. Someone holds the mortgage papers. There are records, but it can be difficult to sort out what’s what.

I lost my job a few months ago. I have been making my payments, but I am running low on money.”

Now is the time. When people arrive at Hope 4 Home, complaints about delaying their call are so common that most people kick themselves.

During a recent Hope 4 Home review with several clients, they discovered that almost everyone knew that they were in trouble before they go truly desperate. Very often, they waited for something great to come along that never did. Don’t wait; let Hope 4 home review your situation with you before the ugly letters and calls come in.

I was told they would help me get a loan modification, but no one ever calls me back.”

There are plenty of lenders in the world that will tell you that you can modify your loan, but then never call you back to help you actually do the modification. Even though it is in their best interest to not foreclose on you, some companies are just lazy and don’t need the hassle. For many, foreclosure has become so commonplace that any alternative is difficult to imagine.

I want to keep my home and pay my debt. I just don’t know where to turn.”

Hope 4 Home can help you keep your home by helping you to get the bank to change the terms of your loan so that you can make a smaller payment, one that you are better able to handle.

The situation may seem desperate, but it many ways it is very hopeful. Hope 4 Home, better than anyone else in the industry, can help you get the loan modification that you need to save you home, your credit rating and your dignity.